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The quality of a brand is determined by the promises made and the promises kept.
My story.
At eighteen I got sick. Mum dragged me to a Naturopath. That probably saved my life. I had an undiagnosed thyroid condition. I was getting desperate and disillusioned. I was beginning to lose my will to live. Thanks to my mum and the Naturopath, I began to understand what was happening.  I learned everything I could, got a shovel and started digging. I planted herbs.  I began experimenting on myself. Who does that? Someone born to be a Naturopath. Someone whose last name really is Wilde.
I sought help from many doctors. The seventh one, a woman, listened. I knew what was wrong. I knew what tests I needed. I asked for them. I got the right diagnosis and treatment. My energy returned. I could think. I could do what I needed to do. I was back.
One bright, spring day, I was walking with my friend Rosemary. On the corner of Elizabeth Street and Latrobe. I saw a sign “The Australian College of Natural Therapies.” I felt more excited than when I was a kid and guessed the number of marbles at a competition and won a gigantic pool dolphin. I squealed out loud then. I was jumping on a bouncy castle inside now. I knew what I was going to be – a Naturopath.
After years of training, I am now Naturopath. I use everything I have learned, personally and professionally to help you get better. I have so much compassion for people who’ve lost hope.  I’ve been there. You can get better. Come visit.  We’ll figure out how to get you better.

M:        0414 616 812
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